Meet Amanda, Principal Consultant at AJJ Consulting

Let's face it, if correctly pricing your products and services was easy, everyone would be doing it.

But the cold hard facts are – it's not easy. In fact, for most businesses, despite the fact that the future profitability of their organisation is dependent on it, the idea of costing a product is not based in any sort of mathematical modelling or strategy. 

That's where Amanda and her team can help. 

‘I love working with a variety of different clients to help them achieve their goals.  This is not just a job for me, it’s a passion.  Once I’m hired by a client, I’m on a mission to help them in every way possible!’  
~ Amanda Dyason

We specialise in analysing the numbers, allocating the costs and basically setting up your business's accounts to ensure your profitability and longevity. Our strategies are in-depth and based on an understanding of cashflow, expenses and business growth formulas. We help you to get the foundations right so that a big sales month, means more profit… not just more work. 

Amanda is a member of:

AJJ Consulting is
GITC Version 5 Certified
(Certificate Q-4082)

Her qualifications include:

  • BBus – Bachelor of Business
  • Dip(AdvMgmt) – Diploma in Management (Advanced) 2010
  • Dip(HR) – Diploma in Human Resources 2008
  • Dip(Mgmt) – Diploma in Management  2008
  • Dip(Acct) – Diploma in Accounting 2007
  • Dip(Bus) – Diploma in Business 2007
  • Currently studying FastTrack MBA with double major in Corporate Finance and Human Resource Management

That’s Amanda’s story.  What’s yours?  For an obligation-free chat, contact AJJ Consulting today.  

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