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About AJJ Consulting: Strategic Pricing Consultants | AJJ Consulting

Meet Amanda, Principal Consultant at AJJ Consulting

Let's face it, if correctly pricing your products and services was easy, everyone would be doing it.

But the cold hard facts are – it's not easy. In fact, for most businesses, despite the fact that the future profitability of their organisation is dependent on it, the idea of costing a product is not based in any sort of mathematical modelling or strategy. 

That's where Amanda and her team can help. 

‘I love working with a variety of different clients to help them achieve their goals.  This is not just a job for me, it’s a passion.  Once I’m hired by a client, I’m on a mission to help them in every way possible!’  
~ Amanda Dyason

We specialise in analysing the numbers, allocating the costs and basically setting up your business's accounts to ensure your profitability and longevity. Our strategies are in-depth and based on an understanding of cashflow, expenses and business growth formulas. We help you to get the foundations right so that a big sales month, means more profit… not just more work. 

Amanda is a member of:

AJJ Consulting is
GITC Version 5 Certified
(Certificate Q-4082)

Her qualifications include:

  • BBus – Bachelor of Business
  • Dip(AdvMgmt) – Diploma in Management (Advanced) 2010
  • Dip(HR) – Diploma in Human Resources 2008
  • Dip(Mgmt) – Diploma in Management  2008
  • Dip(Acct) – Diploma in Accounting 2007
  • Dip(Bus) – Diploma in Business 2007
  • Currently studying FastTrack MBA with double major in Corporate Finance and Human Resource Management

That’s Amanda’s story.  What’s yours?  For an obligation-free chat, contact AJJ Consulting today.  

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